What to Bring to Your Free File Tax Appointment

hand filling out taxes

Tax Documents

Avoid multiple trips by bringing your important papers and information when you meet with your tax preparer.

  • Photo ID for all adults on return
  • Social Security card or verification letter, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) assignment letter, for everyone to be listed on tax return
  • Date of birth for every individual to be listed on tax return
  • All wage and earning statements, for example: W-2 forms Social Security Income (SSI), pensions, annuities, unemployment compensation, etc.
  • Any 1099 forms for other income and interest received during tax year
  • Child care provider name, address, and tax ID number or SSN, and amount paid during tax year
  • Copy of last year’s state and federal tax returns
  • If you are itemizing your deductions, please bring a summary listing of your deductions and supporting details/receipts
  • Any college tuition receipts, financial aid or student loan statements
  • Other applicable tax-related documents, such as: interest statements, federal loan documents, retirement statements, list of organization to which you made charitable donations, etc.
  • Any letters, correspondence, or other documents sent to you by the IRS or your state tax administration
  • Forms 1095-A, Affordable Health Care Statement

Account Information

Bring your bank or credit union account information so you can easily deposit your refund and use some of your refund for savings.

  • Bank, credit union, or prepaid card account and routing number
  • Or a voided check


You may download and print a PDF version of this list by clicking here.