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United Way of Pickens County offers individuals the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting gift to the community through their estate plans. Planned gifts are vital to helping United Way of Pickens County perpetually meet the Education, Financial Stability and Basic Needs of the community.
When you create a planned gift to United Way of Pickens County, you will be recognized as a member of the Heritage Society – a special group of individuals who have included United Way of Pickens County in their estate plans. Heritage Society members create a lasting legacy of support to meet the needs of future generations of Pickens County residents.

Planned Giving Tools

BEQUEST: A bequest is the act of leaving something in your will. Learn more about the different types of bequests and recommended language by clicking here.

CODICIL: A codicil is a document used to make an amendment to your will. Download and attach this document to your will to add United Way to your estate plan.

GIFTS OF STOCK: If you own stocks or other publicly-traded securities that are worth more than what you paid for them, it may be cost-efficient to donate shares of that stock or mutual fund, rather than mailing a check to us. United Way of Pickens County will accept a stock or mutual fund gift of any kind, and we recommend initiating that gift by December 20th, so that the transaction can take place before December 31st. Click here to download instructions (PDF) on transferring a stock or mutual fund gift to United Way of Pickens County. If you have specific questions, contact Mark Eisengrein at 864-850-7094, ext. 108.

FREE WILL: Through our partnership with United Way Worldwide, you can create a free will through FreeWill.com. Simply visit their website and utilize the guide that will walk you through the 20 minute process. As a reminder, you are invited to make a final gift to United Way of Pickens County through your will. This is an easy way to give from your remaining assets, and it will allow you to support those in need in our community for generations to come. Once you have completed your Free Will, be sure to print a copy, sign it, and have a couple of people witness your signature to make it official. Don't forget to place your original, signed will with your other important legal and financial documents, in a place where family members can find it one day. You may want to give a copy of your official will to anyone whose name is listed in your will. Once your Free Will is official, we recommend that you have a local attorney review the contents of your will, so that it complies with all your wishes.

Heritage Society Members

Rob and Ann Ackley
Connie and June Bowers
Bill and Theresa Caldwell
Jim and Julie Capaldi
Debbie Carmical
Mark and Sheree Chapman
Drake and Ada Curry
Lucas and Ashley Durham
Mark Eisengrein
Dr. Wing and Florence Fung
Jim and Betty Garrison
Jim and Julee Kaplan
Kathryn McCombs
Ron and Susan McCracken
David McDaniel
Betty and Peter Michael Morton
Gregory Nix
Wayne and Heidi Pendergrass
Larry and Diana Pope
Jeff and Natalie Putman
Will and Ashley Ragsdale
Richard and Laura Shick
Dr. Jonathan and Amy Strange
Dr. Buddy and Elizabeth Thompson
Mike and Julie Thompson
Harold and Betsy Weaver
You are invited to add your name to the growing list of members of the Heritage Society by contacting Mark Eisengrein at 864-850-7094, x 108.

Five Wishes

Five Wishes is an advanced care document that has been used by over 35 million families to capture their end of life wishes. Watch below to see why Mark Eisengrein has found this tool to be so helpful.

To receive your FREE copy of Five Wishes, please fill out the information below, and a copy will be mailed to you.

Questions? Contact Mark Eisengrein, Director of Major and Planned Giving.

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