Gifts of Stock

stock certificates

Because many stocks have increased in value over time, you may hold stocks with substantial appreciation. If you're considering a major gift or end-of-year gift, a gift of public company stock to United Way of Pickens County provides two major benefits.

First, there is a charitable deduction for the value of the stock. Second, United Way does not pay tax on the sale of the stock so you bypass the capital gain.

Two fairly common reasons for making a substantial gift of stock are that you may have sold an appreciated asset with a large capital gain or you have good income. If you have a large gain or substantial income, you may want to offset that gain or income with a charitable deduction to United Way through a gift of stock. Because you receive both the charitable deduction and a bypass of capital gains tax, there is a double benefit for your gift of stock.

How to Make a Stock Gift

Most stock is held in an account at a brokerage firm. Relatively few people now wish to hold the actual certificates in their safety deposit box. If you hold actual certificates, you may mail the certificate and a signed stock power in separate envelopes to our address, PO Box 96, Easley, SC 29641.

Because most stock is held by the brokerage firm, the stock is transferred directly from the account at the brokerage firm to our account with Edward Jones. To make the transfer, click and download this form which contains all of the information you or your stock broker will need to direct your stock gift to United Way of Pickens County.

For any gift more than $200, we will issue a receipt.

Click to download and print the instruction sheet for donating stock to United Way of Pickens County.

For more information, contact Mark Eisengrein, 864-850-7094 x108

Mailing Address:

PO Box 96, Easley, SC 29641