National Estate Planning Awareness Week Highlights the Need for Wills

October 19-25 is National Estate Awareness Week.

Adopted in 2008 by U.S. House of Representatives, National Estate Planning Awareness Week was established to assist Americans in preserving their assets built over their lifetime for the benefit of family, heirs and charities.

DID YOU KNOW... More than half of all Americans die without a will. When this happens, assets are distributed according to state laws where the deceased lived at the time of their death.

Taking time to plan your estate may seem like a daunting task, until you realize all the good that comes from having an estate plan.

Consider these benefits:

  •     You will have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made financial provisions for your family
  •     You will save your family from the difficult task of identifying your assets
  •     You may be able to reduce estate taxes
  •     You will help your family know your wishes concerning end-of-life decisions and funeral
  •     You can ensure that your business will continue to run smoothly
  •     Your family will be able to access the finances they need to pay for medical, funeral, or any outstanding bills
  •     You can plan for the “what ifs”…what if I’m incapacitated, who will make health and financial decisions?
  •     You can support your favorite causes, like United Way of Pickens County!

Thanks to our partnership with United Way Worldwide, United Way of Pickens County offers our supporters and friends an opportunity to create a will. And the best news’s FREE! Go to to utilize the free online guide that will step you through the 20-minute process. We encourage you to allow a local attorney to review your will to ensure it complies with all your wishes and state laws.

As always, be sure to seek the help of a local attorney, accountant or financial planner when developing your estate plan.

Learn more about the Heritage Society and supporting United Way of Pickens County in your estate plan by visiting the Heritage Society webpage.