Thank a Preschool Pages Teacher

Preschool Pages teacher reading to children and caregivers

Preschool Pages teachers take on the task of helping the youngest learners in Pickens County become “kindergarten ready” by providing age appropriate educational and enrichment activities for preschoolers. They select books and develop the curriculum and activities to help teach important early literacy skills in a positive and loving environment.

With so many coronavirus related changes to the school day, Preschool Pages teachers are thinking outside the box to continue to provide these vital programs.

Help us show appreciation to these dedicated educators by sending them a note of thanks and encouragement.


There are two ways to submit your note.

1) Request a packet of 6 cards for you and your family, friends or co-workers to complete and return to the United Way office. Your handwritten notes will be delivered to each of the six Preschool Pages teachers. If you choose this option, all you need to do is email Jennifer Shurley to request your packet. You do not need to fill out the form below.


2) Write an electronic card by filling out the form below. Your note will be transcribed by Women United volunteers and delivered to one of the six Preschool Pages teachers.

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