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Community Investment

Through the generosity of the community, the three United Way of Pickens County volunteer Impact Councils have strategically invested in high quality, impactful programs in the priority areas of Education, Financial Stability, and Community Basic Services.

Each year, Partner Agencies open their programs and budgets to intense review by the Impact Council volunteers who facilitate the Community Investment Process. Targeted program outcomes and results drive the funding decision and are crucial in ensuring that your donations are working hard to strategically improve lives right here in Pickens County.


Community Impact Grants

The 2019-2020 Community Impact Grant application process is currently open. Click for more information.


2018-2019 Impact Goals


Goal 1 - Reading and/or Math Literacy

  • Children begin school ready to learn
  • Young children achieve their academic potential (grades K-5)

Goal 2 - Involved Families

  • Parents/guardians understand the importance of their role, are engaged in their child’s education and focus on their academic success (grades pre-K-5)
  • Parents/guardians understand the importance of their role and are engaged in their child’s intellectual, emotional and social growth (grades pre-K-5)

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Goal 1 - Employment Training and Job Connections

  • Individuals obtain job skills through training and retraining
  • Individuals have soft-skills training to help secure stable employment
  • Barriers to job training and education (childcare, transportation, etc.) are decreased
  • Individuals obtain employment or better employment

Goal 2 - Financial Literacy and Stability

  • Individuals have the skills necessary to be responsible money managers
  • Individuals have acquired computer literacy skills

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Goal - Supporting Services for Families and Individuals in Times of Need

  • Individuals and families have access to food, meeting their hunger and nutrition needs
  • Individuals and families have access to shelter and to assistance that helps them meet their shelter needs
  • Individuals have access to medical, mental health, counseling and addiction services
  • Individuals and families have transportation available to help meet basic daily needs

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