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Helping After a Storm

It’s hard to see the devastation across the South and not want to do something right away. United Way of Pickens County joins United Ways across the US and the world to support the communities impacted by Hurricane Irma. Before I tell you the best way you can help, here is a message from Kate Bauer-Jones, CEO of United Way of the Florida Keys. It really touched my heart!

“Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to help. I'm the CEO of United Way of the Florida Keys, currently evacuated and waiting for word of my community, parts of which are absolutely destroyed. It will be many months before we begin to recover, but one thing I can tell you for certain from the Keys is that we DO NOT WANT supplies at this time.

Residents are being told likely weeks before we can get home and even think about rebuilding, so right now the very last thing we want is our friends in Miami and up the state to be stuck holding well intentioned supplies for us. Please encourage folks to give financially through the UWW fund or one of our neighbors' recovery funds (our LUW is too small to manage our own fund so we will be relying a great deal on the support of our neighbors and the network), and DO NOT send "stuff" south at this time. Thank you so much for your kindness and care!”

Fortunately, United Way of Pickens County CAN manage a local recovery fund! Just like we did for United Way of Greater Houston, we have established a relief fund for Hurricane Irma. 100% of funds donated locally will be sent to the United Ways in affected communities.

To make a secure donation, learn about volunteer opportunities, or get connected to resources, visit our Hurricane Relief page