Holiday Gift Catalog: Gifts that matter

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This year, give gifts that matter and change lives right here in Pickens County.


Browse our Holiday Gift Catalog below to find gifts that matter. Select Education for gifts to help a struggling reader or support a young learner through programs like Camp iRock or Preschool Pages, or select Financial Stability gifts to lift a family out of poverty through programs like Pathways or Free File.

After checkout, you will have the opportunity to choose from six holiday card designs to print and give to your gift recipients.

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$5: Camp iRock t-shirt for a camper

Each $5 gift provides a struggling reader with a Camp iRock t-shirt, and the sense of belonging that comes with wearing a summer camp shirt. Making summer literacy fun is a priority, and providing camp t-shirts helps make this happen!

$10: Books for a Preschool Pages toddler

Your $10 gift provides a board book for a toddler in the Preschool Pages program and helps him develop critical early literacy skills, build his own home library of age appropriate books, and become kindergarten ready!

$11: Swim lessons for a Camp iRock camper

Swimming is a life saving skill... and a fun enrichment activity that makes Camp iRock extra special for the struggling readers who participate. Each $11 gift provides swim lessons for one Camp iRock camper.

$25- Free File Volunteer Snacks

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Free File free tax preparation program! They often work through lunch in order to serve as many tax clients as possible, saving these lower-wage workers hundreds in fees, and finding all the refunds they deserve. Your $25 gift will provide nutritious snacks to keep these important volunteers fed and happy.

$25: Financial Coaching Tools

Pathways is a long-term, intensive, one-on-one financial coaching program for hardworking people who want to learn how to manage their money. Each $25 gift provides vital financial management tools to help a Pathways participant take control of their finances and become financially stable and self sufficient.

$25: Books for a Camp iRock student

Children are more likely to fall in love with reading when they can fill their home libraries with books they truly like. Each $25 gift provides one Camp iRock struggling reader with a set of 10 books of their choosing- books on their level which they will love to read again and again!

$50: Free File Office Supplies

Last year, the average income of individuals served by the volunteer driven Free File free tax preparation program was $20,666. Your $50 gift provides pencils, paper and other necessary program supplies and helps your hard working neighbors maximize their refunds and keep more of their hard-earned money.

$50: Financial Coaching Session

Pathways is a long-term, one-on-one, intensive financial coaching program for hardworking people who want to learn how to manage their money. Each $50 gift provides one Financial Coaching session for a Pathways participant.

$100- Free File Volunteer T-Shirts

Volunteer T-shirts-Help our Free File volunteers feel like a part of a team and make it easy for tax payers to recognize their tax preparer. Your gift of $100 provides these t-shirts and makes it easy for low-wealth individuals to confidently go to the right place for this free tax preparation service.

$100- Pathways Savings Match

Saving for a rainy day is often a new concept for Pathways financial coaching participants. Coaches help every participant set a goal of setting aside at least $100 in emergency savings. Your $100 gift provides a 100% match as a special incentive, encouraging the Pathways participant to save even more!

$125: Sponsor a Preschool Pages child

Your $125 provides a toddler with an entire year of books and early literacy programs through Preschool Pages, building her very own home library of age appropriate books and helping her become kindergarten ready!

$500: Pathways Technology Package

Pathways is a long-term, one-on-one, intensive financial coaching program for hardworking people who are motivated to learn how to manage their money and change their lives! Each $500 gift provides a computer, printer and budgeting software to help a Pathways participant succeed, ending the vicious cycle of generational poverty.

$1,800- Sponsor a Camp iRock student

Camp iRock is a life changing program for children who struggle with reading. Your gift of $1,800 can provide a young elementary student with a whole summer of personalized literacy instruction and enrichment activities, to help them read on grade level and succeed in school... and in life.

$25: Where Needed Most

Use my gift to support the Education and Financial Stability work of United Way of Pickens County where it is needed most!

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