FamilyWize Prescription Program

Get the lowest price on your prescriptions with the FamilyWize card. Whether you are insured or uninsured, an individual or a family, FamilyWize can help!

How Does the Card Work?

First, FamilyWize negotiates discounts at most pharmacies nationwide. In return, they are able to offer a lower price for medications through the discount card. To use the card:

  1. Get the prescription discount card.
  2. Show your card at the pharmacy.
  3. Ask for the FamilyWize price.

Where is the Card Accepted?

The FamilyWize discount card is accepted at all major retail pharmacies throughout the country and with most independent pharmacies as well. Click here for a list of available pharmacies.

Can I See The Price Before Going to My Pharmacy?

Yes, with the Drug Price Lookup Tool you are able to see what the FamilyWize price is for your prescriptions.

How Do I Get the Card?

Visit to learn more and to sign up.

Learn More about the Impact FamilyWize has had in Pickens County

Click the FamilyWize Health Impact Report below to learn more about the impact the prescription card has had in Pickens County (listed as "community" in the report) since 2008.