Fight Poverty Through Pathways

Charlie is a single dad working two jobs to survive.  He lives paycheck to paycheck.  Growing up, high interest loans were just a part of life. So, when he was unable to pay his bills, the first place he went was to a payday lender that offered him a loan with an 89.7% interest rate.  Even working 70 hours a week through multiple jobs, he wasn’t making enough to meet his family’s basic needs. The hole was so deep that he couldn’t crawl out.  The constant worry made him feel sick, all of the time.

Charlie is just one of many hardworking neighbors who need more than a band-aid to overcome their financial difficulties.  

Pathways is a long term, one-on-one, intensive financial coaching program for hardworking people like Charlie, who need and want the opportunity to finally achieve freedom from worrying about money, and to find a path to a better, more stable future.

Pathways is a two-way street.  Participants walk side by side with their coach for 6-18 months and invest a lot of time and effort to improve their finances. There is sacrifice and it’s hard.  But the financial freedom is oh so worth it.  

Pathways needs to grow and it needs to grow quickly. There are families waiting in line to join the program and change their lives.

Please contribute securely below. You will break the cycle of poverty once and for all, and you will change their future.


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