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When The Pickens Sentinel offered me a monthly column, I wasn’t sure if people would actually read it. When someone I hardly know came up to me at the Y and said, “I love your column. It’s like reading your diary,” I was validated.

Here is my last column about Camp iRock for this year. It’s the one I’ve been dying to write. It’s about success.

Dear Diary,

Camp iRock is over and I can’t let it go. I miss everything about it, especially the children. I keep looking at the pictures and videos trying to capture the essence of Camp iRock. I’ve got it bad.

I am not...

I simply can’t believe it. After a year of planning, recruiting, fundraising … with a little anxiety thrown in … Camp iRock is over. I feel both elated and a wee bit sad.

My Camp iRock “sisters,” Alida Gardiner, director of operations for the Pickens County YMCA, and Traci Boyles, director of early education for the School District of Pickens County, and I have spent countless hours marveling at how many lives have been profoundly changed by Camp iRock.

The children didn’t just improve their reading skills, they grew in so many ways. They became more confident, more...